Monday, 14 March 2016

What Should be Major Components of Successful Smart City?

In January, Indian Government has revealed the list of 20 smart cities under Smart Cities Mission, however; there were about 98 cities in the process. It is expected that in the duration of next 24 months our country will witness the inclusion of 38 and 40 cities. The good news is that our capital city Delhi is in final race and on the way to become Delhi Smart City. However; the other major cities are; Bhubaneshwar, Pune, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Coimbatore and 14 others.

Now NDMC (New Delhi), is responsible to develop Delhi as the Delhi Smart City and to do this they have to work a lot because there are few components which are the pillars of infrastructure of smart city and those components are; technology, network of automated sensor, One point digital data collection centre, and much more. Apart from that now its time when Delhi should get well optimized and responsive health care centers, Industrial centers and implementation of culture or tourism programs. Delhi Smart City should use advanced technology as the to create positive changes in all the corners of city. However; the approach can be implemented from smaller areas to larger areas. 


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